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Thanks For Stopping By !

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Morning Prayer

Ben Tankard

Only You Are Holy

Donnie McClurkin

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Holiness Is What I lone For

Donnie McClurkin

  We believe that in the word of God, you can find everything you need to build a stronger "relationship" and "faith" in God , to obtain the peace and joy in this life and the strength you need to believe in yourself . Fellowship In The Park is focused on providing sound doctrine, deeply rooted in the word of God . We will always do everything we can to meet your expectations, knowing that the Lord will make up the difference . If you feel drawn by the spirit of God from within, to come or to go and learn of the lord and his will , I know we can help , for I too , was drawn by the spirit of the of the lord , and found him , more than thirty years ago . Come and shire in the testimonies of others who too were drawn by the spirit of the lord .

 With a variety of activities in the study of God , we are sure that you would be at ease in the fellowship that we offer. Explore our website and if you have any questions or comments , please contact us . Remember this , God loves you and we do too.


We hope to see you and please check back later for new updates and activities on our website. There's much more to come and please click each character to your left for more .

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