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Morning Prayer

Ben Tankard

  • The Word at this time comes form a passage in the New Testament , John 15:7 , If ye abide in Me and my Words abide in You , ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you . The Truth is, we are a people ( church ) , that do not abide in his words , we choose what we want to believe or receive and we reject the word that comes against us and against our choices in life. We are trying to implement or graph the word of god into our worldly way of life , instead of growing and conforming to the way of the Lord which is the way of Holiness . We are traveling on many roads and highways that we are calling the right way or in truth , we ought to call it our way of righteousness , which means , we do as we please , knowing that God will forgive our sins. We fail to remember that he also said , Obedience is better than sacrifice , you can not enter into Heaven by disobeying the word of god . God himself says , there is only one way and that is the way of holiness ( Isaiah 35:8 ) . What is holiness ? The word said , in all thy ways acknowledge him ( Proverbs 3:6 ) , and he shall direct thy paths . So , what is Holiness ? Holiness is a way of life presently and eternally , governed by the statures and precepts that God has declared and commanded us to live by . Holiness is a way of life that magnifies righteousness in the conduct of our everyday lives , living it without the blemishes of the world , without the sins of the world . There is only one possible way you can live accordingly ( Holy ) , you must be born of the spirit , birth into Christ Jesus , baptized with the Holy Ghost , which is the power of god in you . Giving you the power and  authority over your flesh and the sins of the world . Be ye holy for your Farther which is in Heaven is holy , and when his word abide in you and you in his word, ask what you will and it shall be done unto you . God hears the prayers of the righteous and not that of the ungodly . We got to live this life and live it by the day . Make a difference for your children and love ones , by being different and standing up for the Lord , and He will stand up for You .
  • Never forget that God loves You and I do too, for the love of god is in me. " A MAN "
  • Question ! What is the difference between a sinner that goes to church and believes in God and a sinner that does not go to church and believes in God ?
  • Comments ! Please leave them on my blog . Thank You 

" Obey " 1 Samuel 15:22

  From the beginning of Creation or the Big Bang if that's what you believe in , until now , the one thing that mankind has perfected is the disobedience to God's Word . From the beginning with " surly you want die " ,  till today with ,  " god wants us to be happy " .  Adam and Eve partook of the fruit and now we all know the consequences of their disobedience . Today most of us know this passage , shall we continue in sin ? ,  god for bide ! ,  and how many times have you heard someone say ,  the lord died for our sins .  The truth is ,  he died so that we could be redeem from your sins , but he did not die so that we could continue in your sins ,   god for bide . Is it good to kill someone because god forgives . or to hate , to steal , to lie ,to fornicate , or continue to commit adultery just because god forgives sins ?  God for- bide .  The Lord once said , go , and sin no more . Did he mean it ?  YES !  The Prophet Samuel said to the king ( Saul ) ,  in 1 Samuel 15:22 ,  Behold , to obey is better than sacrifice . Because of disobedience all of the pain and suffering , and evil and death , came into the world . What was the first sin ?   What is the most common of all sins ?  What must we do to overcome sin ?                                                

ANSWERS :  1 Disobedience - 2 Disobedience - &- 3 Obedience

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