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   .Man shall live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God . That includes all of God's Commandments , that he has given us to follow and obey . God has given us the ability as individuals to make choices for ourselves , to believe or not to believe in him ( The Father ) , or his only begotten son ,  Jesus Christ . The ability to love your neighbor or not to love , to live holy or not to live holy , to obey his word or not to obey his word , to choose eternal life or to choose eternal death . All of these choices in our lives and more , are our choices to make for ourselves and the Lord God gave them to us individually to make . And no one has the right to take them from us or deny us from making them , our choices . Obey the law of the land , that is scripture , and if we don't obey, there are consequences to pay , but you must choose for yourself to obey . Choices in life ," hate, kill, abortion, to still, lie ,sex out of wedlock , adultery, giving , loving, obedience to god's word and the truth is , that life is full of choices but they are choices that individuals must make themselves . Again , man shall live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God , " Matthew 4:4 " . God Bless and stay true to who and what you are, just make sure it is of righteousness and pleasing to God . Because , we are going to be rewarded for the choices we make in this life, that's an amen . 

   Some say that God made Donald Trump the president of the United States , I say to you, what does that say about God ? The word of God says , you shall know a tree by the fruit it bears , that is so true , and almost everyone understands that , you would think . We would deny everything that we know and understand to be true , and for what reasons , other than being blinded by deceitfulness and ones own self interest ( what you can do for me ) . Look at all the things the President has done since he became this nation's president , and the list is long , but it begins with lying , he's a liar and the truth is not in him . That alone makes him unrighteous in the sight of God and he is unrighteous in all his ways . As you have seen , he will do evil things you may think to others , but for him , there are few exceptions , and you are not one of them . There is only one thing he will do for you , or this country , or even himself and the few he loves and that is to lead you into destruction and further away from God . Remember this , Donald Trump does not worship God nor does he believes in God , his actions speak louder than words , and his whole life is a testimony of the man he has become or a testimony of the tree he has become . He who have ears to hear let him hear and eyes to see , let him see . A good tree will not produce bad fruit nor can a bad tree produce good fruit . Donald Trump is not a good man and most certainly, he is not of God . Now , if you reject the truth , you are rejecting the Lord God . Remember this passage from the scriptures ,he who receives and believes a lie is damned already . Know the truth and the truth shall make you free .

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